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Deliver High Quality Fresh Products

Bakers King Sweets (BKS) is renowned for its savoury and confectionery products due to its exceptional taste, smell and flavour. We have numerous varieties of sweets, bakery and a savoury ranging from traditional i.e. Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Jalebis and Barfi’s to modernize including pastries. Our Pastries depicts harmonious blend of traditional and modern food which can be consumed with tea. Taking in to consideration health awareness, our innovative items are cooked at certain level of sugar which is nutritionally well-balanced.

Our products can fulfil the requirements of all occasions ranging from Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Engagement, Eid, Diwali and Christmas. Our mouth-watering sweets range provides impeccable taste which cannot be resistible. Fresh baked cookies, pastries and other saviours are always a hit at any time of day or evening: they help to get friendly and feel pleasant after a busy routine.

Regardless of any race, Festivals have their own importance because they associated with happiness which builds up inevitable connection with sweets. To walk with the new generation and ramp up the enthusiasm our professional chefs adding up a distinctive taste for youngsters as well as adults.

Our website showcases all bakery, sweets and savoury products. Due to the nature of some products it is mentioned clearly which can be delivered to customers at home safely and securely.  Delivery options are available at the checkout process for more queries please contact the mentioned number. Click Here

We also provide services to corporate level. Discuss your requirement according to your budget, we promise you to deliver the best services because customer satisfaction matters first. For corporate services contact us via our form, email or mobile number provided. Click here.

Our Mission & Vision

                      “Bake Fresh builds Loyalty”

Our main aim is to deliver highest quality fresh product at cost-effective price which builds loyalty in customer’s heart. All our products are hand-made: cooked in clean environment which gives a sense of purity. We believe on customer’s feedback which will open up the room to improve our approach towards our business in order to sustain the long-term success. Our innovative approach differ us from others which helps to enhance competitive advantage.

Level of Expertise

Sweets 98%
Bakery 97%
Savoury 98%

Discover our first-class products baked for you with love!